Officer positions for InkEducation are now open!


Start your summer volunteering strong by applying to be an officer at InkEducation, based in Fremont CA. Join us to be a part of our mission of revolutionizing education by teaching STEM in the most unique ways to local and international students, already impacting more than 60,000 students!


Apply for a position now at by July 19th!

Ink & Metal x Girls Who Code Hacks

Team Ink and Metal and AHS Girls Who Code will be collaboratively hosting a hackathon where students (high school students) can work to submit projects such as website creations or product creations solving a prevalent issue in our world today which could be found in the prompt. The prompt will be revealed right after our introductory workshops (explained below) so you will have about 24 hours to complete your submission and turn it in.

Students will be given approximately a 24 hours to brainstorm, design, and come up with a solution to this prompt in a product or website format in which it will involve students working in either pairs or individually to design an idea of their choice to present to the judges at the hackathon. We will be having two separate days where we will be having an introductory session to Python (to aid you in learning to code the functionality of your product) and to HTML/CSS where you will be learning the basic components or knowledge you will need in order to make a website. The submissions will be submitted after the two sessions.

We will be following up with you regarding further announcements or details for the hackathon soon. Please sign up as this is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience with creating a web application or product on your own by applying the skills (and prior knowledge you have) you have learnt in the workshops, and getting your design judged by qualified judges! We will be giving prizes to the first, second, and third place winners so please sign up! We will also be also looking into the quality of the product or design you have created, and depending on the work that is put in, we might follow up with your idea to have it executed (even though you might not win an award).

We look forward to seeing all of your creations!


ConnectCon is a speaker panel hosted by ink and metal where the team invites leading professionals in the STEM industry as guests to speak about their work among other things. Events are held live, so that students may interact with the speaker and ask any questions right then and there. Events are also recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel! Stay Tuned!