STEM Olympics

We will be hosting an International STEM Olympics where students will be presented with a real world problem and will be tasked with solving it. The competition will take place from December 3rd to Dec 10th and we'll be conducting interactive workshops prior pertaining to all the sub-categories of the event prior to the week of the competition (more information about this will come out soon to your emails).

This competition includes three different categories which are mentioned in more detail below.

Below is a document that lists details about each of the categories and their respective brief overviews of what is to be expected of that category:

Students across the world will compete in this fun, creative, and intellectual competition that will give you the experience to engage in creating a project that will serve to solve a real-world problem. Our goal is to introduce diverse groups of students to the world of STEM as a means to allowing them to pursue their passion while helping them understand its practical applications.

Participants will be provided a two-week working window to complete the assigned challenge for either one or both of your sub-categories, and more details regarding the submission dates and policy will be released closer to the challenge release date. Experienced STEM individuals currently in the industry will judge the submissions we receive, taking into consideration factors such as the effort, outcome, creativity, and most importantly, passion. Please make sure to spent the time and effort into this project; however have fun with it throughout the process!

We look forward to having you sign up for the STEM Olympics Competition!

NOTE : The winners and special mentions of the competition will be announced on our YouTube channel below:

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